Best VPS Hosting Providers For 2020

Most people choose shared web hosting for their first website. However, the performance of your site could suffer if your site gets lots of traffic or another site on the server takes up too many resources. Renting an entire server is far too expensive for many small businesses, but a virtual private server (VPS) is a great in-between step that guarantees great website performance at affordable monthly prices.

Here we’ll explain what to look for in a VPS and recommend six of the best VPS hosting providers.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

So what exactly is a VPS and why might you need it? With a VPS hosting package you get a server setup with many of the benefits of a dedicated server but the cost savings of shared hosting.

Put simply, a single physical server will contain multiple VPS but you still have full control of the server. This gives you the increased security and improved website speed that comes from sole use of allocated resources such as CPU, RAM and storage space.

In other words, you’re not sharing any of those resources with anyone else, so your website’s performance will be consistent.

A VPS can be “managed” or “self-managed”. Unless you already have server expertise you should opt for fully managed services. And unless we say otherwise, all the services here are managed.

How much does VPS hosting cost?

There are plenty of providers of virtual providers around, but what should you particularly look out for? Prices can vary enormously depending on what features are included. Watch out for the fact that some providers include certain features while others charge for them as extras and be wary of low price introductory offers that have high renewal costs.

But on average, expect to pay £10-20 / $10-20 after introductory discounts have finished.

The main considerations when choosing a managed VPS are: the number of CPU cores, amount of disk space and memory, which operating system you want (usually either Linux or the more expensive Windows), and whether you want control panels from Plesk or cPanel.

Obviously, you’re unlikely to know how much or how little is enough, but in almost all cases you can upgrade or downgrade your package on the fly.

Hostinger VPS

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Hostinger offers both Linux and the more expensive Windows-based VPS packages.

The cheapest Linux-based package (named 1 vCPU) starts at $3.95 per month (around £3.20) and offers 1 core CPU, 20GB SSD disk space and 1GB of memory.

Hostinger offers 10 VPS packages in total: 6 Linux packages and 4 Windows packages.

All Hostinger VPS plans come with at least one dedicated IP address and Linux packages offer a variety of Linux operating systems. Through Hostinger’s VPS Control Panel, you can easily manage and control your virtual server with just a few clicks.

In case of problems there is a simple backup and restore system to get you website restored and back online in just a few seconds. Free 24/7 support is available but priority support costs an extra $1.99 a month (around £1.60).

Hostinger offers a good range of reliable packages starting at a very low price with a good level of support as well as a 30-day money back offer. Its wide range of Linux operating systems may be particularly attractive to some buyers. Be aware though that to get the best price you need to sign up for four years (48 months).

Bluehost VPS

InMotion VPS

Liquid Web VPS

GoDaddy VPS

iPage VPS

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