Best Gaming Mouse 2020: Ideal Mice for FPS, MOBA & More

Whether you’re blowing chunks out of opponents or demolishing those TPS reports, it’s essential that you have the right mouse under your hand. Gaming mice, in particular, have a seemingly endless variety of options to choose between, all offering different benefits.

Here are some tips on choosing the right one for you. These mice – all available in 2020 – are ideal for gaming PCs as well as these great gaming laptops, but you can use them for day-to-day work and browsing too.

Best gaming mouse of 2020

1. Razer Naga Trinity

2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

3. Asus ROG Chakram

Asus ROG Chakram

4. Asus ROG Spatha

Asus ROG Spatha

5. Roccat Kain 120 Aimo

Roccat Kain 120 Aimo

6. Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk

7. Roccat Kone Aimo

Roccat Kone Aimo

8. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310

9. Asus ROG Pugio

Asus ROG Pugio

10. Corsair M65

Corsair M65 RGB

What to consider when buying a gaming mouse

A lot of what to consider comes down to personal choice – how it feels in your hand, and whether you find the positioning of the buttons comfortable. Incidentally, lefties should take note; these are almost entirely right-handed mice, and the SteelSeries Sensei 310 is the only model here that is ambidextrous, so you might want to consider that before splashing out.

However, aside from sheer ergonomics, there are other factors to consider. Many mice offer adjustable on-the-fly DPI settings, allowing you to change your mouse’s sensitivity at the touch of a button. This is for when you need granular control, like when you’re going for that 360 noscope headshot.

Only three buttons on your current mouse? Most gaming mice come with anywhere from five to ten programmable buttons (which you can assign to specific functions such as sprinting, crouching or reloading), while an MMO-style mouse might cram 20 or more onto its chassis. These can give you a leg up on the competition when used correctly.

Many also offer various backlighting options to make them more attractive to look at. Occasionally a mouse comes with removable weights, allowing you to make the mouse heavier or lighter until you’ve found your “perfect” weight.

Wired vs wireless is another consideration. Most of these mice are wired, in part because there are substantially more wired gaming mice on the market. Sticking with wired saves you from worrying about battery life and guarantees a lightning-fast connection, but wireless mice are undeniably convenient and save you from messy cords. It’s also worth noting that wireless connection speeds are constantly improving, so latency is becoming less and less of a concern.

Whatever you’re after, whether you’re a twitch-gaming fanatic looking for the perfect precision headshots or a MOBA gamer trying to maximise your DPS, there’s a mouse that’ll suit your needs, and after finding it, you’ll never go back.


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