OnePlus teases mystery new product with photo

OnePlus has teased something new on its UK Twitter feed, posting the below:

At the time of writing the company has been replying to fans’ guesses in the thread of the tweet, saying it’s not a new phone. When someone asked if it was a desk, the company said, “getting warmer”.

Are you looking at OnePlus’s foray into furniture? It’s also notable that it has only been tweeted from the UK account, not OnePlus’s global, US or Indian feeds.

Either way we are glad it’s not a new phone. The company has far too many for sale at the moment, straying far from its once-attractive one phone at a time policy.

We had a go at boosting the brightness on the dark photo (see above) and, like others online, can see OnePLus has cheekily written “Nice try.” On what looks like a phone given the port and antenna band on the bottom.

Either way, this apparently UK-centric OnePlus product is just around the corner.

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